New Year's Eve Celebration

Doors open at 7:00pm. Party all night into 2018!

Adults - $20.00
Children - $10.00.

- Includes pork roast, potatoes and pickles, party favors, dance music and a glass of champagne.
- Please bring your favorite dish to pass.
- Cash bar.

RSVP: Olga Kulcsar (734)238-2975

Christmas Bake Sale - Hungarian Pastries

The Christmas Bake Sale has begun!

- Kalács is $16.00/roll
- Kifli are $10.00/dozen.

Order by Friday, December 15th.

Please contact: Elizabeth Krajcz (734) 675-0863 to order.

Stuffed Cabbage Sale

Hungarian stuffed cabbage sale.

- $2.00/roll (minimum of 2 dozen per order)

Order by Friday, December 15th and pick up at the Club on Friday, December 22nd from 12:00pm to 8:00pm.

Please contact: Elizabeth Krajcz (734) 675-0863 to order.

Christmas Hungarian Sausage and Hurka Sale

We are accepting orders for the following:

- Fresh sausage is $5.00/pound
- Hurka (liver sausage) is $6.00/pound

Order by Sunday, December 10th and pick up at the Club on Saturday, December 16th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Please contact: Kim Kish (734) 709-7549 to order.

Thanksgiving Bake Sale

Our Thanksgiving Bake Sale has begun!

We are offering:
- Kalács for $16.00 per roll
- Kifli for $10.00 per dozen
- Pogácsa for $12.00 per dozen (limited quantities)

Orders are due by November 14 and pick up is at the club on November 17 after 12:00pm.

Contact Elizabeth Krajcz at: (734) 675-0863 to place your order.